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BlankItinerary for Saint Philippe Paris

Hoodies are the New Street Style Fashion Sensation & Here’s How You Can Pull Them Off


BlankItinerary Lovers of Rebellion Hoodie Saint Philippe Paris         Your good old street style fashion scene just got a chic and sizzling makeover and we are here for it! Ever since its inception, the ‘core’ street style fashion has been a fusion of various sub-cultures; what with its obsession of sneakers and graphic tees and sweatshirts; not to forget the hip-hop touch. It has been something that has always been perceived as a thing for men’s fashion. Something rugged and rebellious; standout-ish but for men. Luxury brands and fashion labels shied away from attaching tags such as ‘streetwear’ with their collection but how surprising and relieving to see all that change in a matter of just a few years.

Street style fashion is the new cool, edgy and feisty look women across the fashion capitals are donning. And, if you are one to rock what is raging hot in the streets, we assume you would not mind perusing a little about how the street style fashion for women can both be casual and laid-back yet smocking hot – simultaneously. Just like @blankinternary sported with one of our hoodies.

Nobody told you that graphic hoodies are only meant for days when you want to tie hair into a messy knot-bun and raid the nearest departmental store aisles in baggy hoodies and sweatpants to throw in as much bags of chips in your cart as you can. Neither is it for the days when you want to stay curled up in bed with a sheet mask on. Here – let us tell you how you can flaunt a graphic hoodie in the sexiest possible way, because streetwear, my dear, is the new fashion ‘hot’!

#1 The Girl in the Boots

With this being winters and all, now would be a great time to flaunt those long leather boots and bring on your leg game! Pair it with a graphic black hoodie and a min-skirt or shorts and you are ready to lit the fire on the streets.

#2 The Girl in a Collared Button-up (but, not quite…)

So, you think button-ups are boring and a little too rigid to be sexy? Bring on your own little twist to the look and wear a collared shirt underneath your hoodie. Let your collar show and pair the hoodie with black pants or leggings and of course white sneakers. Put on a badass pair of sunglasses and there you have it! 


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