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Clubwear Trends to watch out for in 2020

In 2020, nightlife and clubwear statements are about to go bolder and sexier, and we’ve picked out the hottest trends you need to add to your festive wardrobe right away!

 Here, take a look at our picks:


 Sequins & Glitter

The trend radar is buzzing with the glamour of vibrant sequins and loud glittery statements, and in 2020, don’t hold back when it comes to making a bold statement, draped in glittery sequins. Ladies, this is by far the hottest trend to flaunt in your nightlife statements, and truly, the perfect appeal to stand out and command attention.

Come to think of it, sequins and glittery silhouettes are effortless to style as you don’t need a great many accessories to play up your look. A sequined jumpsuit is a perfect look for a crazy night out, or perhaps, a sequined mini-skirt paired up with a sleek leather jacket.


Shades of Marigold

Marigold has emerged as the new black this year, and the glorious sheen of this breathtaking shade of golden outshines all other colors. It radiates a powerful and bold appeal with its overwhelming charm, the perfect shade to rock at the exclusive private parties hosted at your favorite clubs. You can always pick out sensual cocktail dresses in marigold, or play it up with sleek jackets, leather pants, or even miniskirts.


Masculine Glam

2020 is definitely the year of the suit, and this time, get ready to rock pantsuits that are sharply structured and tastefully tailored with a tightly fitted appeal. The runways of spring 2020 witnesses a powerful assortment of skin-fitted pantsuits in a variety of colors, ranging from golds and reds to black, silver, and purple, amongst many others. These are the ideal statements to enter the club with a bold vibe.


Fringe Alert

Fringes are trending super-hot in 2020, and this year, the trend has gotten bigger, bold and better. Fringes have not only increased in size and quantity but in fact, they have been transformed with a bolder and louder appeal. Fringed cocktail dresses, sheath dresses, off-the-shoulders, and skirts are all the rage this season.


Ruffled Up

Elevate your clubwear wardrobe with a bold dose of ruffled statements that will add sensuality to your curves. Ruffles were all the rage on the 2020 runways, and we adored how they have been presented in an alluring variety of cuts and styles. You can flaunt this trend with the sassy off-the-shoulder look or even shimmery halter-neck gowns. It’s the perfect trend to give your statement a quirky, 80s-inspired transformation.



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