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NYFW Vs PFW: The Celebrity Party

Samuel Anthony rocking Saint Philippe during New York Fashion Week '18.

The topmost influential fashion weeks of the fashion industry of the world happen twice a year which prevails for about a week, presenting all the latest collection of the best fashion designers and brands on the runways. These fashion weeks are trend-setting in the fashion industry for the fresh styles, designs, and patterns attracting the consumers and media. The Big four fashion weeks are vital in changing the fashion scene of the world and they are New York, Paris, Milan, and London. Recent fashion weeks of NY and Paris for spring 2018 have gone and left us mesmerized by the plenty of creative ideas, bright lights, and flashy models along with worth seeing fashion scenes by the top celebrities. The days have been busy showcasing the hard work of the top designers and brands while the night parties have been depicting the fun and celebration of success. Let’s view the best fashion moments of the celebrity parties of the recent New York Fashion Weeks as well as Paris Fashion Weeks and guess which one was the best of all.

The evening parties of New York Fashion Weeks were filled with the loud music, free-flowing champagnes, and spotlight performances drew the attention of even all the A-list celebrities and gave us such a lovely moment to watch and enjoy.

Chloe celebration dinner during NY fashion weeks projected all the top celebrities in fun moments worth watching. Laura Hériard Dubreuil, Jessica Diehl, Naomi Watts, and Natacha Ramsay enjoyed the time.

Kelela and Madelein Kohl having fun.

Rebecca Dayan and Chloe Wise in the exclusive outfit.

The star-studded party.

Stunning Mia Goth at Chloe Celebration Dinner party.

The after-show parties of Paris Fashion Week 2018 has been super exciting ones and we got a chance to glance all the A-Listers rubbing shoulders on the dance floor, moving and grooving in dazzling style. Let’s have a glimpse of some super fun moments.

A cracking look of Jourdan Dunn at Balmain after show party Paris Fashion week 2018.

Emily looking hot in a damn sexy outfit.

Iconic looks at the after-show party.

Bella Hadid can actually stand out of crowd at Dior Homme party

Top model Cindy Crawford with her gorgeous daughter and another superstar Kaia Gerber, in show-stopping look.


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