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The Collection 2: New Collection Release

Collection two is about a loud sense of expression, dark notes of graphics and the luxury of the best cotton in the world. With this collection, our designs at Saint Philippe want to beguile customers with exclusive, limited edition offerings that will transform their wardrobe.

This collection reflects our passion for thriving techno scene and some of the most alluring designs from our inaugural art archives. We have captured the millennial thought process and merged it with fashion to create statements that truly resonate with what the young generation believes.

Manufactured with the soft luxury of Supima cotton, the best cotton in the world, this collection has allowed us to channel our beliefs and artistic inspiration into a style savvy mold characterized by boldness. Our inspiration for this collection, comprising of two masterful designs, can be traced to the electrifying elements of techno.

We took the initial core iconography of Saint Philippe from our archives, and transform it into designs that are meaningful and poignant. The collection is infused with 8 months of artistic inspiration, passionate revamping and reiterations and a final execution, where we poured in our love and talent to create designs that are truly iconic.

Each piece is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. It reflects our desires to break free for monotonies and societal compulsions and explore the free reigns of our passion. For instance, the Social Lies t-shirt resonates with the fake and pretentious face of society that tends to be misleading. But once you start peeling off the layer, you find an ugliness that shocks you to your core.

Our collection celebrates a desire to be unique and to stand out and shine in one’s individuality. Each piece has been created to reflect a meaningful message of survival and a desire to be one’s true self, despite the misleading enigmas of societal values that threaten to steal our confidence.

The edgy pieces from collection 2 are made from the rarest, most exquisite fabric that exists in the world. This is a limited edition collection, and each of our pieces, handcrafted at our studio in Los Angeles, will be available for a very short period of time. Each piece has been individually handcrafted by our talented artisans to deliver a product that has been lovingly created into an opulent token of luxury.

So, hurry up and place your order before these stunning designs run out!


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