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The Favorite Champagne of Celebrities

Whether rocking the huge cocktail dance parties, grand formal dinners, exclusive birthday celebrations, preparation of a high-class concert or high-end jubilation of the wedding, the champagne is a luxurious part of all the celebrations to double up the joys and festivities. Being a classic way of enjoying a day, the sparkling wine exclusively produced from the grapes grown in the champagne regions of France has always been a love of top celebrities and renowned people. Here we share some of the well-known stars and their taste of champagne which is very expensive and elite indeed.

Jack Nicolson

One of the most notable American Hollywood actors Jack Nicolson had been many times nominated for the Oscar and Academy Award because of his memorable performances in a number of movies. He is considered as a charismatic performer and his bold and rebellious attitude was so perfectly woven in the leading roles that he won Oscar thrice in his career. Being a versatile actor he was seen in every possible genre, comedies, thriller, classics, sci-fi's, horror, romance and many more. But do you know the essential thing in his success celebrations is the nonvintage Veuve Clicquot?

Roger Moore

The irresistibly handsome and stylish Roger Moore was internationally famous for his role in James Bond although he performed the classy and memorable roles in many other Hollywood movies too. From top to toes he had been an iconic and super stylish actor who had deeply influenced the costume design industry and the haute couture menswear. He remained a true inspiration for the next generations’ outfit trends with a pure gentlemen look. He had a luxurious lifestyle and he loved to have Dom Perignon as an integral part of his festivities. Once asked about his love for beverage he mentioned that a man who sips Dom Perignon ‘Can’t be all bad!’

Kim Kardashian

The highest-paid and most famous reality TV star had won all the appreciation from her longest-running and still famous TV show ‘Keep up with the Kardashians’. She has gained tens of millions of crazy followers on Instagram and twitter and iconic outfit styles with her own fashion statement. Kim claimed that if there is a thing on which she would love to spend mass money, it will be champagne and love in this regard is Armand de Brignac.

Donald Trump

The top American businessman, former Television personality and the 45th president of United States of America, Donald Trump has an executive taste for the champagne in every sense; from the high-end packaging to the ultimate crisp taste. His love for champagnes has seen no moderation and he enjoys the most expensive drink of Louis Roederer Cristal to match his sense of pleasure. A single bottle is sold in above 26,000 pounds with 24 karat gold packaging and only 200 bottles are said to be manufactured per year.

Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta; known professionally as Lady Gaga is an American songwriter, music composer and singer largely famous for her ‘break the norms’ kind of musical ideas and provocative work has the deep love for Dom Perignon.



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