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Latest Streetwear Fashion Trends 2017-2018

The streetwear is the most loved and adopted fashion trend which makes the mass super stylish by mixing simplicity with luxury, formal with casual and sophisticated with funky styles. One can be in the trendiest streetwear and step into the gym from the shopping mall or from an office party to a cocktail. The focus of the streetwear attire is to make one feel casual, comfortable and stylish effortlessly. You may find an experimental and artistic intermingling of track pants, joggers, skirts, hoodies jeans, bomber jackets leggings, sneakers and many more kinds of garments in creating the streetwear styles as a form of art.

The recent most influential Fashion Weeks such as Paris and New York have heralded the change to the fashion scenario and gave us a glimpse of what to wear in the fall/winter 2017-2018. There is a number of unique and fresh ideas to revolutionize your wardrobes and get the look that is trendy and winning. Let’s have a look at these fresh and hottest streetwear trends.


The most stunning new wave of streetwear that is spotted on recent catwalks is the artistic way of layering up a number of clothes which can be of the stark difference in fabric but are layered in a perfect harmony of colors and style. It is considered more like art in which you recreate a new and freshest look by hanging a number of shirts and jackets together. Considering the cold weather, layering appears to be a perfect idea to remain cozy and you get a chance to utilize the unused wardrobe collection too. To adopt this look you have to see the symmetry between the different pieces of garments and mix-match them in a stylish way without giving an out piled-up clothes look.


Winter is the season with every reason to wear your coats and jackets and why not! The biggest fall/winter 2017-2018 trend is to wear your favorite denim or leather jackets and coats with a tinge of creative innovation. From classic trench to double tone Denim jackets, there are plenty of fresh ideas on the runways and celebrities to wear them with an edge.  You can comfortably put them on your Tee shirts with skinny pants to follow the layering trend and be in the spotlight.


The classic sportswear trend has a big come back this year and you can see them everywhere in luxurious fabric and upgraded styles. There are multiple styling options for wearing joggers this season that can make you look versatile and edgy. While the perfect combo of a graphic statement t-shirt and joggers can be worn as casual attire, you can update the look with the slim fit T and corduroy jogging pants to enhance the muscular physique.


The everlasting design staple for men; stripes have reached to the top runways this year in the latest form of streetwear style paired up with a number of garments. The stripes have been spotted as horizontal bold style or around the sleeves or even in a single panel.


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