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About Us


 Saint Philippe Paris is an exclusive online-only luxury apparel brand. We strive to offer the best to those with the most sophisticated tastes in clothing and accessories. Featuring luxurious icons and original designs we strive to offer a collection that is tailored for those who want to stand out.  

The brand originates in France. Two 90’s kids with a rebellious spirit and a sense for creative fashion design and passion for high luxury clothing had the vibe that no European fashion house was delivering what they were looking for. In that moment they decided to spark life into their own label as an independent high luxury fashion brand that represents to the core their vision and take in European high fashion. With this ideology they managed to create Saint Philippe Paris.


Saint Philippe Paris was then founded as an independent high fashion label centered around the European club scene of the 90's. During the golden era and birth of artists like Daft Punk, Progressive and EDM music, beach clubs, yacht parties and all the high profile events that the scene had to offer and that the founders resonated with. Saint Philippe Paris interprets this era in high fashion collections that resonate effortlessly with all the 90's kids who share this same philosophy as a collective.


"Crafted in Los Angeles, California. Designed in Paris, France, for the world"